‘Pitfalls’ hits #1 on Chuck D’s platform: BassHit Radio

‘Pitfalls’ hits #1 on Chuck D’s platform: BassHit Radio

A cause for celebration! The lead single from the upcoming album: ‘Cautionary Tales’ has received high praise from hip-hop royalty.  

Chuck D (of Public Enemy) deemed ‘Pitfalls’ a chart topper, reaching the #1 spot for the month of June on his network: BassHit Radio.  Both [Anthony] Kannon & Frost [Gamble] look at the fellow emcee as a true pioneer, and forefather of the culture.  To have their work honored and respected by such a prominent figure in the community, is nothing short of special.  

You can find the single available across all digital platforms, including BandCamp.  The second single, ‘Make It Rain’, is making 

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